Embarking on a journey of inner and outer exploration (Part 5)

Dic 23, 2022
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Harvesting deeper insights        

This journey was one of the most heart-opening, enlightning, and significant experiences I’ve ever had while traveling, in addition to all the dazzling nature adventures and wilderness travel delights. As this remarkable outer voyage in Peru came to an end, it became evident that it had also been a meaningful journey into my own inner world.

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This intriguing adventure was filled with magnificent diversity and unspoiled nature, breathtaking scenic vistas, mystical encounters, and appreciation for the rich cultural and spiritual heritage. As I immersed myself into the majesty of vast natural wonders like the Andes mountains, forests, Amazon rainforest, mighty rivers, and the grand Pacific Ocean, I connected with the living energies that incredibly nurtured my inner garden harmonising my system.

I experienced joy, laughter, struggles, tears, growth, sharing, sounds, taste, smell, and more. From being present in the moment to being amazed, in awe, or challenged, it was expansive on all levels.

Clearly at times, there were situations that brought me to the edges. I had to stretch way beyond my comfort zone enduring in height and bitter cold, particularly, in the nights, and deep rainforest hikes with no trails, taking up the heat and humidity. Challenging my body in different extreme temperature zones while balancing my mind at the same time taught me to surrender.

The same way I was discovering the world outside consciously, I unavoidably explored a whole sphere inside. I came to realize on this outer adventure that it takes commitment, perseverance, curiosity, courage, and a possibility consciousness to do it. I found a lot of similarities that I came to learn on my inside journey. It was again a testament for me, that we literally are a world unto ourselves, waiting to be discovered if we allow it and take the courage and effort to do so.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

Joseph Campbell

Seamlessly coming together

As I mentioned in my first blog, I have been on a still path of personal metamorphosis for many years.

Here on this trip, I could consciously cultivate what I learned and began to embody. I also walked my talk with my consciousness-based practices. Deeply moving interactions with spirit, the wild natural world, meditation, and participation in rites and ceremonies for Pachamama and the Apus were among the heart-opening experiences. In addition, meeting wonderful people, and a host of other encounters tended to my relationship with myself, others, and Mother Earth. My adventurous soul thrived feeling so alive.

What stuck with me was that this journey revealed greater levels of significance and understanding for where I am on my life journey. My path and training in ancient Andean cosmology, energy medicine, and Nature Wisdom teachings is not a coincidence. It also confirmed my strong ties with this land. And I discovered more about my enduring yearning for remote pristine places when exploring natural settings.

As more of the jigsaw puzzle pieces are coming together, the larger picture of my life path is taking shape and making much more sense to me. And my internal GPS is becoming increasingly aligned with my North Star.

For my son this trip uncovered new perspectives as well as he rediscovered his passion for hiking and adventure, geographical and cultural learning and being open to the richness of situations and people that presented to himself.  

Renewed commitment and vigor 

Instead of going back and carrying on as before, I have been consciously digesting, reflecting, and integrating. I believe that every new experience enriches who we are and offers us the chance to change our perspectives on the world, other people, and how we look at things.

It is quite enlightening to spend time with people in their communities in order to get to know them, learn about their lives, livelihoods, and various realities firsthand. It improves our ability to understand different conditions and problems outside of Western society. It is also an indispensable way to broaden our own horizons and develop empathy for others. And I appreciate very much the opportunity to be able to do these kinds of visits.

I have seen and I know there is a lot to do in Peru. The country is troubled by political unrest, corruption, social inequalities and conflicts, loss of biodiversity and indigenous cultural heritage, and much more. Working towards sustainable and regenerative development is critical for bringing social inclusion and progress, environmental stewardship and conservation of natural habitat, and a regenerative economy.

However, I came to realize through my own inner and outer journey that change starts within us. It involves learning to gradually widen our hearts and be willing to work on ourselves.

«The way we see the world, shapes the way we treat it and we need a more balanced perspective.»

David Suzuki

This journey has strengthened my resolve to follow my heart’s guidance and inner compass. It has catalised my commitment to conscious evolution and to serving as a midwife for transformative growth and development work in organisations, leadership, sustainability and empowerment of women to help facilitate the transition to a more caring and regenerative world based on conscious participation with Nature.

The inner and outward systems of businesses, cultures, institutions, and communities can all be affected in the same way by the lessons of Nature Wisdom. Transformation can happen through working with consciousness, creative intelligence, and the capacity to realise the potential of leaders, women, and people, corporate practices, as well as ways of life.

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As I come to the end of this blog series, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the readers who accompanied me until the end.

Lastly, I would like to express deep love and gratitude for our beautiful Pachamama, our Mother Earth. 

I would love to hear about your path of growth and gifts received during your own explorations in your life, relationships, work, communities and travel. How did it change you or did you translate it into inspired action?


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