Journey of Growth: Adapting to New Horizons

Onto New Beginnings with a Growing Heart

Jul 8, 2024
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A Special Day of Celebration

Today, I want to share moments and thoughts from a very special day in my life. It was a day of celebration for Enmanuel, my son born in my heart. We celebrated the end of his school stage, and I couldn’t be happier or prouder for so many things over the years, particularly outside school, and so excited for his new beginnings.

The Gift of a More Holistic Education

There is much to be said about schools, and I am so glad to be able to say that I am very grateful to this institution that integrates a curriculum promoting not only academic learning but also personal development and preparation to face global and social challenges. They have focused on ecological, economic, social, cultural, and political aspects, emphasizing personal responsibility, social learning, and education for sustainable development—values that are incredibly important to me. The attitude of respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of each adolescent has been fundamental to their approach, as it is for me.

The Journey Over the Destination

The celebration was wonderful, with an emotional principal (who openly shed some tears!) and inspiring speeches. One of the phrases that resonated with me the most was when the educational leader reminded the young people that, while they pursue their studies or other endeavors, they should never forget: It’s not just the goal that matters, but the journey towards it.” I loved her reminder!

These are words I live by, talk about, and teach in my work as a transformational guide, coach, and mentor. It is crucial not to become obsessed with reaching goals without knowing why, without enjoying and learning from the journey. It is essential to stop, reflect, adapt, change, grow, mature, and bloom. In a society so overly focused on doing and achieving, these words remind us to consciously incorporate pause and reflection into our lives to move forward with purpose, fulfillment and flourishing.

Growing for a Regenerative Future

I believe that growing and developing our potentials not only is essential for us personally and professionally but also has to prepare us to serve a more regenerative and better world. It is vital that we, particularly young people and young leaders, learn to use new transformative skills, knowledge, whole-self capabilities, and heart intelligence to contribute positively to our families, our communities, our Living Earth, and the world at large.

I feel very blessed with my son and so grateful for life!


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Claudia Giselle Edinger (van’t Hullenaar) helps visionary women and leaders grow into their unique leadership and amplify their impact. She facilitates this by cultivating fresh perspectives and forging unified pathways aimed at creating a regenerative future.

As an Earth Citizen, Transformational Coach & Workshop Leader, Spiritual Mentor, Holistic Advisor, and Practitioner in Andean Mystical Traditions, Ceremonial and Shamanic Healing Arts, Claudia is dedicated to evolutionary in-depth work towards the development and transformation of consciousness as the source of your actions.

Claudia’s approach is informed by transdisciplinary holistic methodologies that blend contemporary modern knowledge and science with ancestral wisdom teachings. She integrates insights from Andean Cosmology and the natural world of living energy into her practice, drawing from her extensive experience in multi-disciplinary and cross-functional professional backgrounds.

With over eleven years of experience in the global corporate sector, along with additional expertise in the global business events, destination management, and tourism sector, Claudia brings a wealth of knowledge in international business, marketing, and strategic sustainability consulting.

Her multicultural upbringing as a Peruvian-Austrian raised across three continents allows her to seamlessly navigate and engage in English, Spanish, and German.


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